How to stop Facebook from marking messages as ‘Seen’

Facebook is obviously the must use social networking over wide web. Developers hired in Facebook are not tired of bringing new upgrades to Facebook, from launch to this time we have seen many interesting updates in Facebook. Facebook chat is a very generous feature that Facebook offers, but a latest update in Facebook allows friends to see whether a message sent by them is seen by us or not. It would be awkward if you really don’t want your friends to know that you are following their messages.

Here is simple and useful way to see messages secretly on your Facebook chat. Use of small extension lets you to see Facebook messages without marking is ‘Seen’ for your friends. Now, Crossrider has built a nifty add-on that enables Facebook users to turn off the ‘read receipts’. Crossrider’s Facebook Undetected works across Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, however, which sets it apart.

Here’s how to use this extension on your browser, all you need to do is go through these easy steps –

Step 1: Head on over to the Chat Undetected download page and select the Get Chat Undetected button at the top of the page.

Secret and Undetected Chat on Facebook

Secret and Undetected Chat on Facebook

Step 2: The next stage will involve recognizing the browser in use and provide a download page relevant to that particular browser. Select the Download Chat Undetected button from the top of the page and wait for the extension file to finish downloading.

Installing Facebook Chat Undetected on Chrome

Installing Facebook Chat Undetected on Chrome

Step 3: In a new instance of the Chrome browser, navigate to chrome://chrome/extensions/and drag the downloaded CRX file into the browser window. Drop to install.

Step 4: There you have it. Private Facebook Messages should be a go, with no read receipts popping up when a message is read.

Facebook Secret Chat

Facebook Secret Chat

Note:This tutorial was preformed on Google Chrome browser, steps may vary in other browsers, but after this how to, I hope you can find a way out.


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