How to invite all Friends on Facebook Group in one click

Facebook has several features, Facebook Group is one of many Features, besides new feeds and Timeline. Facebook Groups allow members to post items such as links, events, and notes, and to share or to upload files. Groups are used for discussions, events, etc. and are a way of enabling a number of people to come together online to share information and discuss specific subjects.  A group includes but is not limited to the following: the members who have joined, recent news contents, wall contents, photos, posted items, videos and all associated comments of such items. In this respect, groups are similar to Facebook pages but contain a different set of features.

When you create a group for Discussion, Business or some other proposes and want your group to be active with many peoples. The traditional way from Facebook is to go through Invite Friends and that suggests you to select friends one by one. That would be good if you are about to create a close or secret group in Facebook. But if Group is Open and you want to add all Friends to the Group, the same process will be a tiring one.

In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to invite all friends on Facebook Group in one click and in less than a minute. I also found this solution on internet and used in my own Facebook, it works fine with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So, here’s the simplest way to add all friends on Facebook Group at once.

  1. Obviously, you should be logged in to Facebook Account.
  2. Go to the Groups Page on which you are about to invite all Friends.
  3. Right Click on the link given and add it to bookmark of browser.
  4. Return to Facebook Group’s Page.
  5. On Bookmark tab, open the saved book mark, you’ll see a pop-up as in figure.
    Invite all friends to Facebook Group at once

    Invite all friends to Facebook Group at once

  6. Now, it will automatically add all friends to Facebook groups.

Now, all your friends are added automatically to Facebook Group in no time. You can share this post to Facebook now.

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