How to hide secret Files inside Image using Command Prompt

You are one way ahead of being geek. Learn how to hide secret files inside a jpeg image or any other formatted picture using Command prompt and a compressor (WinRAR, 7-zip, WinZip works good). So, here’s a short tutorial on hiding your files inside a picture secretly and avoiding the traditional way of hiding files and folders in Windows.

Follow the given easy steps

  1. Create a folder on your hard drive, i.e. C:dtb and put in all of the files that you want to hide into that folder. Also, place the image that you will be using to hide the files in the same folder.
    Hiding Secret Files inside Image

    Hiding Secret Files inside Image

  2. Now select all of the files that you want to hide, right-click on them, and choose the option to add them to a compressed ZIP or RAR file. Only select the files you want to hide, not the picture. Name it whatever you want, i,e. “dtb.rar”.
    Compressing files and folders to reduce size

    Compressing files and folders to reduce size

  3. Now, in this step you will be using command prompt to combine the “dtb.rar” file and image. So open Command prompt using Win+R button, type cmd and hit enter.
  4. Go to the root of the drive and select path to the folder with files. In this tutorial “C:dtb>“.
  5. Type command copy /B [imagename.extension] + [zippedfilename.type] [secretimagename.type]
    For this tutorial C:dtb>copy /B secret.jpg + dtb.rar secretpic.jpg

    Using Command Prompt to hide files in image

    Using Command Prompt to hide files in image

    Remember .zip, .rar, .7z are all different extensions so make sure you first check extensions of image and compressed files

So, that’s it, look into root folder, there is image named “secretpic.jpg“, which will open as image but has files hidden inside it, thus no one will find out you have your secret files hidden inside. But be aware not to share that image to other by any means.

How to browse Secret files hidden inside image/ picture

Now, to open files hidden in a secret image, you will need to use WinRAR or WinZip program.

Right click the secret image and choose to Extract here, and if it does not show Extract option, Go to Open with and choose WinRAR or WinZip program to open image and browser your hidden files.

Extract hidden files from Image

Extract hidden files from Image

Here’s a tutorial video on hiding files inside Image from out YouTube Channel

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